marias old pic miniAward-winning chef/owner John Gallagher’s family opened Maria’s in the mid-70’s. Named after his grandmother, Maria’s was a very well-known and successful restaurant and pizzeria. A cozy place with delicious food located in a beautiful residential area, near Walnut Lake.

Over the years, Maria’s has changed hands a couple of times but has always kept its’ reputation.

John, working at the restaurant as a young boy, broke away to a few business ventures of his own. Opening up an Italian restaurant in Northville, Little Italy, and also taking part in the opening of La Luna in Birmingham and Villa Maria's on Haggerty Road.

After a successful twenty years, Little Italy was sold and John opened a chain of office building cafes and catering company, Three Days Gourmet.

After almost three decades, it was brought to his attention that Maria’s was available once again!

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